Best Study Spot: Main Library

Ilana Hutzler, Reporter

Main Library is a popular study spot for Northwestern students due to its central location on campus.

If it’s sunny but not quite warm enough to sit outside, find a seat by a window and enjoy the blue skies from the comfort of the Periodicals Room. There’s no better way to brighten up a study day than by surrounding yourself with plants and sunlight. The Periodicals are quiet, perfect for reading and concentrating. If you’re not looking for a quiet section, the 1South space is a great place to collaborate on group projects or to pretend you’re studying while you catch up with friends.

Grab a coffee at Brewbike, the student-run cafe on the second floor. Stop by The Writing Place to have a peer consultant look over your paper. You can even reserve a private study room to take an exam or collaborate with other students.

Main Library has a place for everyone, whether you’re planning to cram for a midterm or meet with a study group.

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