Fencing: Northwestern hopes for victory as it hosts Conference Championships


Seeger Gray/The Daily Northwestern

A Northwestern fencer attacks her opponent. The Wildcats will compete in the Conference Championships this weekend.

Aayushya Agarwal, Reporter

After having the last two weeks off, Northwestern looks to end the season strong, hosting the Conference Championships on Sunday.

The Cats will welcome programs from the nation including Denison, Cleveland State, Lawrence, Wayne State and Ohio State. 

Coach Zach Moss said he looks forward to competing against the best and hopes to win on his home stripes. 

“Conference Championships is one of the events we circle when we talk about goals,” Moss said. “Bringing home the championship is our team’s goal every year, and this year is no exception. Having the chance to win the championship in front of a home crowd at Welsh-Ryan is such an exciting opportunity.”

The conference championship winner is determined by the team with the best win-loss record by the end of the day. 

The Wildcats hope a season full of success and hard work will reflect in their results this weekend. Moss specifically shared the readiness of his team for the weekend.

“Our team has been training hard, getting prepared mentally and physically for the day of fencing,” Moss said. “We’re ready.”

Similar to when the team hosted the Winter Duals a couple of weeks ago, the Wildcats are enthusiastic to compete while surrounded by energetic NU students. 

Moss hopes to see a similar amount of student turnout and encouragement for his team this weekend, believing that its success is in part dependent on large attendance. 

“Our team is thrilled to compete for a conference championship at home,” Moss said. “It would be great to have a loud group of fans there to support our team and help us bring home the championship.” 

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