Low-income Evanston residents may enroll in program for reduced water and sewer rates


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Evanston residents who qualify for the Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program may enroll to receive a reduced water and sewage rate.

Avani Kalra, Assistant City Editor

Evanston residents who qualify for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program may enroll in the city’s Affordable Water and Sewer Rate Program.

Community members who enroll in the program receive a reduced water rate of $1.99 per 100 cubic feet and a reduced sewage rate of $1.94 per 100 cubic feet, according to a news release. Reduced rates began Saturday. With the reduced rate, an average family of four will pay about $228.85 for water in a year.

Evanston residents enrolled in the program can receive the reduced water rate by emailing a copy of their benefit approval letter to [email protected] or bringing it to the Levy Senior Center, the Fleetwood-Jourdain Community Center or the City Collector’s Office at the Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center. Enrollment closes in June.

Those who qualify for and enroll in the program but do not pay a water or sewage bill will receive an annual payment with their estimated savings. Participants who enroll will see the reduced rate reflected on their March utility bill, which includes service for January and February.

Cook County also introduced the Low Income Household Water Assistance Program on Dec. 6, which will provide $42 million to assist with water and wastewater bills, according to the Governor’s Office.

Residents may receive a benefit of up to $1,500 for reconnection assistance, disconnection prevention, past-due balance, disconnection fees and late fees through the water assistance program. To apply, families must prove an income within 200% of the federal poverty income line. 

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