Greek life recruitment to resume in January, but several IFC chapters still banned


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The fraternity quad. Six of NU’s 10 fraternity chapters will be allowed to resume recruiting on Jan. 3, 2022 following a quarter-long ban.

Waverly Long, Diversity and Inclusion Chair

After a quarter-long ban on fraternity social events and chapter-sponsored recruitment, most of Northwestern’s fraternities and sororities will run formal recruitment at the start of Winter Quarter.

The University and the Interfraternity Council instituted the ban after multiple individuals reported alleged druggings at separate events held in two on-campus fraternity houses. The ban prohibited fraternities from hosting recruitment events for three weeks and was extended twice, set to end Jan. 3, 2022. 

Fraternities are required to reach a minimum 80% participation rate for educational programming before they will be allowed to resume recruitment, according to IFC Vice President for Standards Nick Papandreou. As of now, six of NU’s 10 recognized fraternities meet that criteria.

Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pi Kappa Alpha and Sigma Nu will not be permitted to recruit. AEPi and SAE were unable to participate in the programming due to interim measures put in place by the Office of Community Standards, Papandreou told Northwestern News Network.

The four chapters will be able to participate in the same education curriculum during Winter Quarter, Papandreou said, after which they will also become eligible to recruit. He added that IFC, FSL and University administrators collectively determined the criteria for resuming recruitment, focusing on “reflection and discussion” about NU chapters’ values and what it means to be in a fraternity.

“We want fraternities that used fall 2021 as an opportunity to engage, learn and listen to feedback,” Papandreou said. “They’re the fraternities that we think should be the type of fraternity that is on this campus — ones that care about what the community says and works on the basis of that feedback.”

The University announced Monday that Wildcat Wellness, a two-week quarantine period, will be implemented from Jan. 1 to 17. Papandreou said IFC is working with NU to adapt recruitment plans that adhere to University policies regarding in-person events.

The Panhellenic Association announced Tuesday that sorority recruitment will be entirely virtual. The schedule and hours of PHA recruitment, set for Jan. 13 to 18 with orientation on Jan. 11 and 12, will remain the same. 

Nine sorority chapters plan to recruit this winter. Delta Zeta recently announced its NU chapter was discontinuing operations, joining Gamma Phi Beta and Pi Beta Phi as many members deactivated following the Abolish Greek Life movement.

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