A letter in support of abolishing the Greek system, from your sisters

We Stand with You.

We became aware of the move to dissolve the sororities at Northwestern University from our national organizations and articles in The Daily Northwestern. We’ve chatted privately and on social media, because even after all these years, many of the friendships we formed from our days as Thetas and DGs have remained. The Greek System helped us to widen our social network, find our voices and form lifelong friendships with like-minded, powerful and brilliant women. We also experienced rape culture, microaggressions (though we didn’t have that word back then) and binge drinking. We hoped and naively believed that things had evolved, but it’s clear that this system — which was designed to reinforce patriarchy, classism and racism — is not able to transform and it’s time to move on. With time, distance and the wisdom that comes with experience, we recognize that a panhellenic system isn’t necessary to create an environment where women can express their authentic selves, explore their roles as leaders, and create lasting relationships.

We were catalyzed by what we read and we dug around a little bit online to learn more about the Abolish Greek Life movement with which we were previously unfamiliar. We have to tell you, we are unbelievably proud of the stand you’ve taken against racism, discrimination and inequity. You have acted bravely in the recognition that the limitations of the system render it obsolete. Your move was brave, selfless and a shining example of how to be agents of change. Our country needs more young people like you who are willing to abandon traditions that no longer serve the community and reckon with the discomfort of change in the pursuit of equity. Your families must be so proud of the fine, brave young adults they raised. Continue to do the hard work you’re doing and know that these alumnae stand firmly behind and beside you.

In Gratitude,

Janice Braverman Beinart ‘96 (Kappa Alpha Theta)
Michelle Bornstein ‘97 (Delta Gamma)
Elizabeth Bradley ‘97 (Kappa Alpha Theta)
Michelle Meekins Cooney ‘96 (deactivated Kappa Alpha Theta)
Heidi Cotton ‘95 (Kappa Alpha Theta)
Sarah Wyatt Elbert ‘96 (Kappa Alpha Theta)
Leah Hammer ‘94 (Kappa Alpha Theta)
Allison Harned ‘96 (Kappa Alpha Theta)
Jessica Henson ‘94 (Kappa Alpha Theta)
Katherine Ventulett Hernacki ‘96 (Delta Gamma)
Kate Meyer Huckelbridge ‘97 (Kappa Alpha Theta)
Tamara Krinsky (Kappa Alpha Theta)
Temi Epstein Levy ‘96 (Delta Gamma)

Karen Bannow McConnell ‘94 (Kappa Alpha Theta)
Amy Lockwood ‘95 (Delta Gamma)
Kim Miller ‘97 (Delta Gamma)
Michelle Pollack ‘97 (Delta Gamma)
Joan Rubert ‘94 (Kappa Alpha Theta)
Alyson Yester Shelton ‘96 (Kappa Alpha Theta)
Amy Shriver ‘96 (Kappa Alpha Theta)
Jean Taylor ‘95 (Kappa Alpha Theta)
Toby Bennington West ‘97 (Kappa Alpha Theta)
Annie Arnoult ‘97 (Kappa Alpha Theta)
Allison Page ‘97 (Kappa Alpha Theta)
Monique Naifeh ‘94 (Kappa Alpha Theta)
Luisa Trirogoff Imsais ‘96 (Kappa Alpha Theta)


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