Stickers in support of Kyle Rittenhouse found across Evanston


Photo courtesy of Citizens Network of Protection’s Facebook

A sticker found in Evanston in support of Kyle Rittenhouse.

Jacob Fulton, City Editor

Stickers in support of Kyle Rittenhouse, an Illinois teenager charged with the homicide of two men at a protest, have been found in multiple locations across Evanston.

Posts on social media began circulating Sunday after a photo of a sticker was shared on Facebook and Twitter. The sticker in the photograph was found in front of Ace Hardware, 1008 Davis St., and some commenters mentioned sightings of similar stickers elsewhere across the city, including multiple stickers on Maple Avenue.

The stickers read, “White people no longer have the right to self defense. Pardon Kyle Rittenhouse.” Rittenhouse is a 17-year-old from Antioch, Ill., which lies an hour north of Evanston, and has been accused of shooting three people during Tuesday night protests in Kenosha, Wisc. caused by the police shooting of Jacob Blake, an Evanston native, in late August.

Rittenhouse’s attorneys told media outlets Rittenhouse shot the protesters in self-defense. Investigators said he was part of a group that attended the Kenosha protest, reportedly to protect local businesses from damage.

In recent days, Rittenhouse has received verbal and financial support from a variety of conservative individuals and groups, including President Donald Trump, who defended Rittenhouse during a Monday night press conference.

The sticker was found the day after a Saturday event for the Blake family, held by multiple members of Evanston’s religious community. Yesterday, members of Evanston Fight for Black Lives gave Blake’s father, Jacob Blake Sr., a check for $14,894.40 to help with medical costs and other expenses the family is facing.

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