Rico Nasty announced as second mainstage artist for Digital Dillo


Rico Nasty at Pitchfork Music Festival in 2019. The 23-year-old rapper will be one of the mainstage artists at Digital Dillo this year.

Marissa Martinez, Editor in Chief

Rapper Rico Nasty will be one of the mainstage artists at Digital Dillo, according to a Mayfest press release.

The virtual celebration, to take place May 30, has been moved online in accordance with the University’s decision to hold Spring Quarter remotely. 

Hailing from the DMV area, the 23-year-old rapper began her career at the end of high school when she released her first mixtape, “Summer’s Eve,” in 2014. Since, Rico has dropped six more mixtapes and albums, with another coming later this year. Her flow blends poppy, sharp lyrics with aggressive hip-hop beats to form a unique “sugar trap” style that landed her a spot in 2019’s XXL freshman class. 

Popular tracks like “Countin’ Up” and “Smack a B—h” have established Rico as a powerhouse among the growing ranks of female rappers. Her latest album, “Anger Management,” released last year, is 19 minutes of compact, raw tracks that showcase Rico’s unmatched skills over Kenny Beat’s production. 

“Rico’s music explores the primal, animalistic energy that each of us keeps at bay,” Mayfest member Akansha Raj wrote in the release, “and in a time where we feel trapped by an evil that looms larger than life, Rico provides a cathartic outlet for every time we wake up wanting to punch a hole in a wall.” 

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