Letter from the Editors: Fasten your seatbelts, it’s an emotional rollercoaster up in here

Charlotte Walsh and Crystal Wall

Charlotte: Wow. We made it this far. Three whole months as your Monthly editors. Thank you, dear readers. All three of you.

Crystal: I’m terribly sad that Timothée Chalamet hasn’t made any fashion headlines in the last three weeks, but I have faith he’ll redeem himself from the 2020 Oscars.

Charlotte: Since it was her last letter to the editor, Crystal had to throw that in there.

Crystal: It’s a legacy.

Charlotte: I actually might get sentimental tonight. Usually, we throw in a couple of current events, toss in a couple jokes to lighten it up and try and tie it all to this month’s stories, but, dear reader, this is my last Monthly. I’ve had two quarters as your Monthly editor, and it’s been an honor. Never have I ever had so much fun doing journalism, gotten the freedom to write stories I’m truly passionate about or worked with such talented writers and designers. Every third Thursday, it’s a joy to run out of my sorority house and grab a copy of The Monthly, breathe it in and look at all the hard work of the past three weeks. And then we get to do it all over again.

Crystal: And this is my last quarter at The Daily … ever. It’s weird. After escaping my theatre major-dom, I joined The Daily my sophomore year and it’s honestly wild to think about where I was two years ago. I didn’t even know what a nut graf was, let alone how to edit a magazine. The Daily is by no means perfect — I don’t know a single newsroom that is — but it is a place I grew safely among my peers. I got emotional reading the cover story about Veronica Roth’s new book “Chosen Ones,” because just like YA characters growing up, I’m also starting a new chapter in my life.

Charlotte: Everyone wave goodbye to Crystal! She’s going to New York to live her best life at Fortune. A true queen.

But seriously, I have so enjoyed working with Crystal the past two years. We joined The Daily at the same time, worked under the same editors, and grew into reporters ready for the real world (hopefully). She always knows the best place to add a little ~juge~ (as Jane would say), and she makes some kickass banana bread. You better keep in touch, Crystal, I swear to God.

Crystal: Charlotte, I know I’m a mushy mess, but I seriously would not be the reporter, writer or editor I am today without you. You have been such a huge part of my A&E Daily experience since day one. And if you’ve kept reading this far, you’re a real one.

Charlotte: Alright, enough of the soppy love letters to each other, and now to our true soppy love letter to you — this issue of The Monthly! It’s a crazy one, so stay tuned to read about my favorite middle school author Veronica Roth, the death of the viral sensation the RompHim, the best places to see some art in Chicago this March and why former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin thinks her relationship has lasted while others haven’t (hint: it’s because of her ~woman’s intuition~).

Crystal: I’m as pumped for this issue as I am for the “Gossip Girl” reboot. XOXO, the CW.

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