Blotter: Man witnessed in stolen car, man fled Target with alcohol

Molly Burke, Reporter

A 19-year-old Evanston man was arrested on Monday for trespassing in a vehicle.

The man was caught fleeing from a stolen car, but police had no way of verifying if he was driving it, Evanston police Cmdr. Brian Henry said.

The police had seen the vehicle pass at a rapid speed and ran the license plates before discovering that a Chicago woman had reported the vehicle stolen, police said. Due to a policy regarding chasing, the police did not chase the car.

The officers witnessed the car pull over, and several people fled the scene, Henry said. Police caught one man and arrested him on Dempster Street.

Upon investigation, officers found that the man had other items which were reported stolen, including a credit card, Henry said.

Man fled Target with alcohol

Almost $150 worth of alcohol was taken from Target, 1616 Sherman Ave. on Monday evening.

The man walked past the last point of purchase with five bottles of liquor and fled down Sherman Avenue.

The suspect is known to Target and the store plans on pressing charges, but he was gone when the police arrived, Henry said.

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