The Woman’s Club of Evanston hosts annual Holiday Bazaar with over 50 vendors


Source: The Woman's Club of Evanston

The Woman’s Club of Evanston, 1702 Chicago Avenue. The Woman’s Club hosted its annual Holiday Bazaar this weekend.

Kirsten Huh, Reporter

The Woman’s Club of Evanston hosted its annual Holiday Bazaar from Nov. 22 to 24, an event that has been going on for over 20 years.

The event featured 50 different booths of vendors selling products ranging from scarves to chocolate. The smell of perfume wafted through the Woman’s Club building, 1702 Chicago Ave, as the customers, mostly women, chatted over harp music.

The bazaar kicked off with an opening party on Friday, where people shopped, ate food, listened to music and participated in a silent auction.

Haley Kerr, the co-chair of the Holiday Bazaar Committee, noted the success of the opening party, with more than 200 people purchasing tickets for the event. On Saturday and Sunday, people received free admission.

“The bazaar is a way to showcase independent artists, offer a place for the community to do holiday shopping and raise money,” Kerr said.

She said the proceeds raised from this bazaar will go to the Woman’s Club of Evanston’s community grants program, which provides funding for nonprofit organizations in Evanston. While the individual vendors keep their profits, the money from booth fees, raffles and silent auction go to nonprofit organizations.

Kim Stanton, the president of The Woman’s Club, added that this year’s giving theme is “to build equity” for small children, from birth to 5th grade.

Nonprofit organizations in Evanston that seek donations from the bazaar submit grant applications to the club, and the Contributions subcommittee will choose which businesses will receive the proceeds.

Some vendors said they chose to come to this bazaar as an opportunity to mingle with other artists and observe various handmade products.

Kathleen Toledano, a mixed media artist selling miniature shadow boxes, has been to the bazaar before.

“I was convinced to come back because of the opportunity to network with and meet great artists,” Toledano said. “My favorite part of the bazaar is displaying my artwork and talking to people about it.”

Longtime customers said they come to the bazaar every year to buy small, meaningful gifts for their friends, family or fellow employees.

Mickie French has been to the bazaar three times in the past. She said she can buy merchandise that she would not be able to find anywhere else.

French also joined the Woman’s Club of Evanston this year, and she plans to get involved with the bazaar next year.

“I love seeing things that people made with their own hands,” French said. “They are so creative, and it’s interesting to see items that I can’t make myself.”

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