Blotter: Two vehicles stolen from Autobarn, attempted burglary at People’s Currency Exchange

Natalie Chun, Reporter

Two vehicles were stolen Friday night from Autobarn, located on the 1000 block of Chicago Avenue. A 2018 black Honda Accord, valued at $28,148, and a white 2016 Dodge Challenger, valued at $34,022, were taken from the location.

A 31-year-old employee at the Autobarn reported the theft and told arriving officers that the two cars were taken overnight. After reviewing the security footage, he said that an unknown man entered the lot and found the Honda unlocked. The man sat in the car for several minutes and then drove away, said Evanston police Cmdr. Ryan Glew.

While driving away, the man struck two vehicles and jumped a curb, damaging the car. Neither the suspect nor the vehicle has been found.

That same night, the Dodge was also stolen. Soon after the Honda was stolen, other people arrived at the Autobarn and looked for cars with keys inside. They located the Dodge Challenger and took it from the lot.

Police officers found the vehicle at the Target located at 6422 N Sheridan Rd in Chicago. The vehicle has been recovered, but there is no further suspect information.

Attempted burglary at the People’s Currency Exchange

An attempted burglary took place around 5:10 a.m. on Saturday at the People’s Currency Exchange, located at 1605 Maple Ave, causing $1,000 in damages.

Officers responded to a burglary alarm and found a large sharp rock lying on the sidewalk, along with a large pile of shattered glass. The doorway was completely shattered, Glew said.

An officer made entry into the interior, but it did not seem like any items were ransacked and the ATM machine appeared functional. There were footsteps in the shattered glass by the entry and toward the west lobby counter door, but the door hadn’t been tampered.

It appeared that nothing was taken and that the offender had left the area.

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