Blotter: Man arrested for allegedly attacking four hospital employees

Natalie Chun, Reporter

A 31-year-old man was arrested Friday in connection with two counts of battery that took place on Oct. 28 at AMITA Health Saint Francis Hospital Evanston, 355 Ridge Ave.

The Chicago Police Department brought the man to the hospital after an altercation with a police officer. Upon arrival, he acted violently toward a 42-year-old nurse, according to Evanston police Cmdr. Ryan Glew.

The nurse said when the man attempted to leave the room, he shoved her and she hit the side of the desk. Though she was unhurt, she wanted to report the incident, and later decided to sign complaints to formally charge the man, Glew said.

After police arrived and began to conduct a further investigation, officers found a clear plastic bag on the man. The bag contained 10 grams of a crystal-like substance, most likely methamphetamine, said Glew. The bag was inventoried at the police department and will most likely be sent to the lab for further investigation.

Prior to being medically discharged, the man fled the emergency room and allegedly attacked three hospital employees, Glew said. They were all 26 years old and were easily identifiable as employees of the hospital.

After fleeing the emergency room, the man was pursued and proceeded to run down the street. A group of hospital employees were escorting him back to the emergency room when he tackled one of the men onto the ground. After a physical altercation, he was brought back inside by the employees. The man who was attacked had abrasions on his hands and arms due to the fall.

Once back in the hospital, the group tried to restrain the man, but he allegedly bit one of the men on his right bicep and left hand, and a woman on her left thigh.

The man was arrested and charged with battery on both accounts.

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