University spokesman releases statement, issues apology regarding Medill Prof. Alec Klein


(Daily file photo by Meghan White)

Medill Prof. Alec Klein at an event in 2012.

Ally Mauch, Summer Managing Editor

University spokesman Al Cubbage released a statement Tuesday regarding Medill Prof. Alec Klein, who was accused of harassment by former students and Medill School of Journalism employees.

Cubbage, who is retiring from his position this summer, said in the statement that the University “cannot confirm the details that have been made public” about Klein and the investigation into his behavior, due to the confidentiality of complaints made to the Office of Equity.

In February, former students and employees sent an open letter to Northwestern administrators accusing Klein, who directed the Medill Justice Project, of “harassing” and “predatory” behavior. In March, the group of women, calling themselves “Medill Me Too” announced in another letter that 19 additional women came forward to them alleging similar experiences with Klein.

In the statement, Cubbage said Klein remains on a leave of absence from NU and is not on campus. The Medill Justice Project continues to operate under Medill faculty.

“Northwestern University apologizes to our current and former students and former employees for the experiences that they went through,” Cubbage said in the statement. “Their decisions to come forward with their complaints undoubtedly were not easy ones, and we commend them for having the courage to do so.”

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