Most credit, debit card users will no longer be asked for ID at campus retail locations

Arika Ho, Reporter

Starting Thursday, most customers at retail locations on campus will not be asked to show an ID when paying with a credit or debit card, said Ken Field, director of dining.

Previously, those paying with a credit or debit card were asked to present a Wildcard or government-issued ID with any purchase. Field said although showing an ID was never required, on-campus retailers asked customers to have one available when approaching the register.

In an email to The Daily, Field said this decision was made during a meeting Wednesday after administrators discussed complaints from students and staff who said the identity verification is unnecessary and slows down the payment process.

Now, on-campus retailers will only require customers to show an ID if the back of their credit or debit card is unsigned. Customers will still be asked to sign their receipts to verify they are the ones making the transaction, Field said.

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