Kafker, Morales set to appear in court Sept. 21

Fathma Rahman, Assistant Summer Editor

Former Northwestern students Matthew Kafker and Anthony Morales appeared in court Monday for a status hearing to review their cases relating to the March 11 vandalism of Alice Millar Chapel.

All parties recognized that there is “outstanding discovery,” meaning both sides still need to receive the remaining evidence, and the case was set for another status hearing next month, said Barry Spector, Kafker’s lawyer.

Kafker and Morales were arrested in March in connection with homophobic, anti-Semitic, racist and offensive graffiti found by University Police in Alice Millar. The graffiti included a swastika, drawings of male genitalia and the word “Trump.”

“We’re still waiting for more materials to be tendered to us,” Spector said. “The police reports, videos, audios, photographs — whatever exists in the case, whatever the Evanston police department and Northwestern police department compiled in their investigation, all has to be turned over to both defendants.”

The two were indicted on 24 criminal charges, which included institutional vandalism, criminal damage to property and hate crime to a place of worship. Both Morales and Kafker pleaded not guilty at their arraignments in May.

Spector told The Daily that Kafker was “incredibly intoxicated” when he allegedly vandalized the chapel, stressing that this was out of the character for the former NU student.

Morales and Kafker will next appear in court on Sept. 21 to determine an updated status of the discovery.

“It’s in the process — it’s almost done,” Spector said.

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