Woman arrested after Target bathroom explosion

Rishika Dugyala, Assistant City Editor

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Police took a 44-year-old woman into custody Thursday after a minor explosion occurred in the women’s bathroom in the Target store on Howard Street the previous day, police said.

Evanston Police and Fire Departments were called to the store, located in the 2209 block of Howard Street, at about 4:08 p.m on Wednesday, according to a news release. The explosion may have come from a plastic bottle, and the damage was confined to a single stall of the bathroom, police said.

The police and fire departments requested assistance from the Cook County Bomb Squad prior to collecting any evidence. There were no reported injuries, threats or other suspicious activity before or after the incident, the release said. The Target store remained open after the explosion, and no threats were made against the store or the general public.

Police said there is no indication that the incident is related to any of Target’s policies, according to a news release.

Target has received pushback after releasing a statement in April saying transgender individuals are welcome to use whichever bathroom or fitting room corresponds with their gender identity. In response, more than 1.3 million people have signed a petition created by the American Family Association calling for a boycott Target stores.

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