Best Drunchies: Cheesie’s

Marissa Page, City Editor

It’s 1 a.m. You’re hazily stumbling from North Campus back to your cold, foodless South Campus dorm room. You’d do anything to get the taste of Skol off your tongue and some warm, cheesy, buttery goodness in your stomach. That’s when the images of melting cheese and perfectly golden toast begin to dance through your mind. Sure, the extra four and a half blocks it’ll take to walk to Cheesie’s Pub & Grub, 622 Davis St., and away from your bed might be arduous, but you’ll be damned if it’s not worth it.

For intoxicated Northwestern students, Cheesie’s reigns supreme as the drunchies destination. What place is more perfect to cap off a night of sin than this champion of cheese, this titan of Texas Toast? From the Original cheddar with tomato soup dip, to the creamy, decadent Mac, to the stylings of the layered, spicy, salty Tenderizer, Cheesie’s is truly a grilled cheese joint for every type of NU student — with a 10 percent WildCARD discount to boot. Plus, Cheesie’s recently added gluten free bread to its arsenal, expanding its reach to serve virtually every diet except vegans and lactose intolerant folk. (Sorry friends, but your drunken desires might be better served at Lisa’s Cafe or Burger King.)

For those of you 21 and older, if these dense sandwiches kill your buzz, Cheesie’s offers a full bar with beer and hard liquor options to keep the party going even after you’ve strayed from that sticky, sweaty dance floor.

So go forth, turn up on a Wednesday and get that double WildCARD discount deal. You’ve earned it.

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