Best Date Spot: Tapas Barcelona

Anika Henanger, Reporter

Claiming the title of best date spot for the second year in a row, Tapas Barcelona delivers the succulent dishes without breaking the bank.

Just blocks from Northwestern’s campus at 1615 Chicago Ave., Tapas is extremely convenient. Open every day of the week with quick service, the restaurant provides both lunch and dinner hours. Once inside, the abstract Spanish artwork will let your partner know you have impeccable taste, while the dark wooden furniture and warm lighting keeps things comfortable.

Grab a menu and peruse the impressive selection of tapas which are small, savory Spanish dishes. An array of vegetables, grilled meats, seafoods and sauces ensure that these small portions pack loads of flavor. The small plates also make it easy to choose several and share. From lamb chops with couscous and red wine sauce to a casserole of garlic shrimp, olive oil and chiles, it’s nearly impossible not to find a dish that satisfies.

Really want to awe your date? Order anything dipped in goat cheese, like the Queso de Cabra con Tomate, a dish of baked goat cheese in tomato sauce, nicoise olives and garlic bread. Another choice bound to leave your date speechless is the Datiles a la Sevillana, a plate of fresh dates delicately wrapped in bacon.

Most importantly, leave room for dessert. Or don’t. Just get a to-go order of Platano con Caramelo y Helado, a sauteed banana covered in caramel, pistachios and vanilla ice cream. Maybe, your cutie has a nut allergy. No worries. Order a rich frozen chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce instead.

Whatever you order, next time date night rolls around, upgrade your Netflix and chill to Tapas and grill.

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