Northwestern professor receives honor from local technology community

Marissa Page, Assistant City Editor

A Northwestern professor was named Technologist of the Year by the Illinois Technology Association, the Northwestern Alumni Association announced on Oct. 8.

Computer science Prof. Kristian Hammond was recognized at the ITA’s CityLights Awards on Sept. 18. The award is meant to highlight the contributions of an individual whose talent has supported technological innovation through either the development of new technology or reimagined uses for existing technology.

Hammond, who was chosen from among five finalists to receive the honor, co-directs NU’s Intelligent Information Laboratory and co-founded NU startup Narrative Science, which turns raw data into natural language narratives. Narrative Science’s signature product, Quill, uses a computer algorithm to identify the most important information from a data source and craft a story around that information in natural language.

Awardees were chosen based upon nominations from within the local technology community. A judging committee selected finalists, who were then voted upon by the public.

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