Feinberg appoints new diversity and inclusion director

Drew Gerber, Assistant Campus Editor

The Feinberg School of Medicine welcomed a new director of diversity and inclusion last week, furthering the school’s diversity efforts.

Teresa Mastin, Ph.D., who previously taught media studies and health communication at DePaul University, said she is excited to work with community partners and practice many of the skills she taught her students. As director, Mastin will guide Feinberg’s strategic planning through the Office of Diversity as well as coordinate with departments throughout the University on issues of diversity.

Feinberg appointed Dr. Clyde Yancy to the newly created role of vice dean of diversity and inclusion in February to oversee the growth of diversity programs at Feinberg, as well as to support programs developed through the Office of Diversity.

Both diversity and inclusion are important in creating a strong community, Mastin said. Although diversity issues are often easier to address, issues of inclusion need to be a focus as well, she said.

“By necessity, the first diversity iteration focused on ensuring that underrepresented groups had a seat at the table,” Mastin said in a news release. “Inclusion, on the other hand, is working to ensure that the broad range of perspectives are integrated holistically into the existing culture.”

Mastin said she has already begun meeting with student leaders and members of the Feinberg Diversity and Cultural Affairs Council, which supports physicians from underrepresented backgrounds. She said her main goal is to listen to the community so her office can act as a resource.

“Ultimately, I would like to see what we are doing serve as a model across campus, across the country and across the globe, where applicable,” Mastin said.

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