Four Weinberg professors recognized by Royal Society of Chemistry

Shane McKeon, Assistant Campus Editor

Four Weinberg professors were honored by the United Kingdom’s Royal Society of Chemistry for their work in the field, Northwestern announced Wednesday.

Chemistry professors Omar Farha, Mercouri Kanatzidis, Chad Mirkin and Richard Van Duyne were all recognized.

The society is the largest in Europe committed to progress in the field of chemical sciences.

Farha was recognized for his contributions to research regarding the environment and sustainability.

Kanatzidis was recognized for work in materials chemistry, specifically his research on thermoelectric materials, or materials that use differences in temperature to create electricity, and Mirkin received the society’s Centenary Prize, an award recognizing chemists from overseas.

Van Duyne received the society’s Theophilus Redwood Award, which recognizes a scientist with exceptional communication skills.

Of the society’s award winners, 47 have gone on to win Nobel prizes.

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