Local spin studio to close after years of dispute


Daily file photo by Susan Du

Local spin studio Revolution X will close next month after a dispute with Evanston residents that has lasted many years. Two local women have been complaining about the studio’s noise since it opened in 2011.

Tori Latham, City Editor

After years of dispute with Evanston residents, a local spinning studio will close its doors next month.

Revolution X, formerly known as Revolution Spin, has been in an ongoing struggle with two Evanston women since it opened in 2011. The back-and-forth has proved too much to handle for Jason Bressler, the owner of the studio at 904 Sherman Ave., who said he has decided to shut down.

“The only reason I’m closing is because of these two women,” he said. “They have made it hard to run a profitable business.”

The two women, Martha Moser and Peggy Tarr, complained about the loud noise coming from the studio shortly after it opened, they both said. They said they had previously asked Bressler to install soundproofing materials, but he refused.

“We filed a petition and he ignored that,” Tarr said. “I’ve talked with the aldermen and the police about the noise, but nothing has been done. This is a real relief.”

Moser added that she brought the issue to City Council, but it did not enforce the city’s noise ordinances.

Moser used to own a sewing studio next door to Revolution X, but said she had to close down in late 2012 because Bressler convinced the landlord not to renew her lease.

“He put me out of business,” Moser said. “He stole my livelihood and that is something I am angry about.”

Bressler denied those claims when he spoke to The Daily in January 2013.

“Ms. Moser didn’t pay her rent,” he said. “Her lease was terminated, and I took over the space and expanded into it.”

Even after leaving the space, Moser continued to complain with Tarr, Bressler said. He said the women continually confronted and yelled at clients, making them feel uncomfortable.

“It wears on everybody,” Bressler said. “Owning 100 percent of this business while also having a full-time job becomes too much. I can’t constantly deal with all of those headaches.”

Tarr said it is unfortunate that the dispute escalated so much, but she is pleased Revolution X is closing.

“When I heard, I smiled from ear to ear,” she said. “As long as they don’t put another loud exercise place in that location, I am happy.”

Moser echoed Tarr’s statement and said Bessler deserved what happened to the studio.

“I’m glad he’s out of there,” she said. “He was not a good neighbor, so all I have to say is good riddance.”

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