Rotary Club of Evanston offers new grant to address community violence

BIlly Kobin, Reporter

The Rotary Club of Evanston is offering a new $5,000 grant this year as part of its ongoing program which offers grants to organizations in the city that address youth and domestic violence

Through the “Building a More Peaceful Evanston” initiative, the Rotary Club of Evanston Charitable Fund will provide for several grants ranging from $500 to $2,500, and the special $5,000 grant will be given to one organization that focuses on youth violence.

Tracy Tebear, vice president of the Rotary Club, said the initiative started in 2013 and was sparked by local cases of youth violence. She said the initiative hopes to bring unity to the local community.

“When people are happy and people are at peace, then that makes the entire atmosphere obviously just a better place,” Tebear said.

Since the initiative’s start, the club has committed about $20,000 to anti-violence programs, the Rotary Club announced in February.

“Multiple organizations in Evanston are working to find new ways to address the problem of violence,” Rotary Club President Paul Larson said in a news release. “Our Charitable Fund is there to support and encourage them.”

Northwestern, NorthShore University HealthSystem, First Bank & Trust and Romano Brothers and Co. Wealth Management donated to help make the $5,000 grant possible, Tebear said.

“Northwestern is part of a greater community in Evanston, and we’re always focused on what the University can do to strengthen the safety, the security, the health, the education and the well-being of all the people that live in Evanston,” said Lucile Krasnow, the University’s special assistant for community relations. “We always will continue to support the Rotary Club of Evanston.”

Tebear said previous recipients of grants include youth service organizations such as Youth Organizations Umbrella, The Harbour and Literature for All of Us.

Tebear said applications will be accepted until April 10, and she and several club members will review applications and award grants in May

“As a club, peace is one of our strong values,” Tebear said.

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