Best Access to Technology: Norbucks

Paige Leskin, Reporter

As a college student, Wi-Fi is your best friend. Fighting over outlets — though not ideal — is something you’re more than willing to do. And having a TV to watch that big game, or just to watch something to procrastinate, is an absolute must.

Lo and behold, the Starbucks in Norris University Center has it all: strong Wi-Fi, lots of working outlets and huge TVs. And the added benefit that you’re sure to run into a friend, or two or three, who can help you procrastinate, or maybe help you figure out that chemistry problem you’ve been holed up in the library trying to solve for the whole afternoon.

At Northwestern, technology is incorporated into everything you do academically and socially. Whether you’re actually doing that assignment for class, tweeting your complaints about the quarter schedule or trying to sneakily take Snapchats to send to all your friends, the access you have to technology is a huge determining factor in deciding where to spend your time. This year, Norbucks takes the award for having the best access. It’s right on campus, so you don’t have to go far to get the best, which is more than an advantage when it’s -10 degrees and stepping outside is a struggle.

Plus, Norbucks has just as great access to coffee — which you probably pay for with the Starbucks app on your phone anyway. Norbucks has all the technology down pat.

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