Top 10 all-purpose Valentine’s Day activities

Hayley Glatter, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Whether you’re riding solo, in a relationship or caught in the unfortunate state of not knowing whether that guy you hooked up with a few times and study with in the library is your valentine, you need something to do on Saturday night. There are a lot of love-filled specials sprinkled throughout Evanston’s restaurants, but those feel like commitment, which you hate because you’re a millennial. Good thing The Daily has you covered with these 10 activities that are equally excellent no matter what your relationship status is.

1. Binge-watch Netflix

Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer can teach you and your bae a thing or two about making love last through hardships; Olivia Pope is the queen of complicated relationships; and no one knows how to live the single life to the fullest quite like Joey Tribbiani.

2. Eat Andy’s Frozen Custard

Drown your tragically lonely sorrows in hot fudge. Drown your lovey-dovey coupleness in hot fudge. Basically just drown yourself in hot fudge.

3. Scroll through Instagram in your bed

Ten-out-of-ten, swipe right on pajamas and non-uncomfortable silence.

4. Eat Chipotle

Nothing says, “I love you” quite like the hug Chipotle’s tinfoil gives to the burrito treasure inside.

5. Creepily eavesdrop on every high school student who takes his or her valentine to Starbucks

Because you know one or both of them ordered a Frappuccino and their conversations remind you of the days when you weren’t elderly and jaded.

6. Complain about the weather

“Ugh the weather sucks, why didn’t I go to Stanford!” said every Northwestern student lamenting the dream school they still can’t let go of and seeking to talk about the cold for the seventh time in three hours.

7. Judge every hot mess you went to high school with based on their Valentine’s Day Facebook posts

Everyone needs a confidence boost on Valentine’s Day, and Penny from Mrs. Brown’s freshman year bio class is your ticket to self-assurance.

8. Wait until Dunkin’ Donuts starts giving out free donuts at the end of the night

Get a munchkin with your munchkin, and if you don’t have a munchkin because that is a terrible pet name, just enjoy the French Cruller as a party of one.

9. Eat literally anything

Can’t stop, won’t stop, shouldn’t have to stop.

10. Go to University Library

Because you know you really should go anyway.

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