Classes, departments relocate amid Kresge renovation


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Many classes and departments have moved out of Kresge Hall because of construction. Most of them are expected to return to the building after its two-year renovation project.

Olivia Exstrum, Assistant Campus Editor

More than 20 Northwestern departments and programs formerly housed in Kresge Hall are adjusting to class and office relocations as the building undergoes a two-year renovation project that began in August.

Most classes previously held in Kresge have been relocated to buildings on the University’s main campus, said Paul Weller, director of Facilities Planning. Weller said the move went smoothly.

Classes will be held in rooms in Locy Hall, University Library, Technological Institute and Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, he said. Some classes have also been moved to miscellaneous rooms at 2122 Sheridan Rd., 555 Clark St.  and buildings on Hinman Avenue.

Faculty offices were primarily moved to 1800 Sherman Ave., but Evanston zoning laws prevented classroom use of the building, Weller said.

Matt Martin, program assistant in the art theory and practice department, said the department is “thrilled” about NU art classes’ move to 640 Lincoln St., the building formerly used by Evanston’s Roycemore School.

“We have a much larger space than we had previously,” Martin said. “Now that we moved out to this old school building, we have lots of odd things you wouldn’t see in architecture anymore. Now we have a gym, a stage and all sorts of things we’re going to take advantage of.”

Martin said the department petitioned the University to make a permanent move to the school building, but the administration denied the request, explaining that any repairs made to the building would not be suitable for a permanent move.

However, Martin said some art faculty have expressed concerns that the move will negatively impact the department’s enrollment.

“Now that the building is north, it’s more difficult to get students besides the ones who know about the department already,” he said. “(The move) will be better for students, but it will be a strain for us because it will be separate from everything else we’ll be doing.”

Weller said it is too soon to tell how the change will affect the academic year.

Spanish and Portuguese classes have not seen a difference in enrollment, as most classes are still centrally located on South Campus, department assistant Jane Corey Holt said.

“Of course, there is some confusion for people trying to find (the department) now,” she said. “But in terms of classrooms, the registrar has done a phenomenal job of not making it as disruptive as it could be for our students. I don’t think it’s as major as I guessed it would be.”

Most departments will return to Kresge after renovations are complete, Weller said.

“It’s not the most desirable arrangement, but everyone realizes that the end will be such a tremendous improvement for the departments located in Kresge,” he said. “It’s a necessary thing for us to go through.”

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