Police: 26 citations, no arrests on Dillo Day

There were no Dillo Day arrests this year, but 26 people received citations, police said.

Northwestern students received 18 of the citations, a typical amount compared to that of recent years. Evanston and University police handed out tickets for offenses including urinating in public, drinking in public, possession of marijuana and possession of fake identification.

More than a third of the citations issued by UP were for criminal trespassing, mostly to people attempting to sneak into the festival, UP Deputy Chief Daniel McAleer said. One or two people tried to bypass security by swimming to the Lakefill, he added.

At least 22 people were transported to the hospital for alcohol-related reasons, McAleer said.

Police received more than 40 calls, mostly relating to the noise emanating from the Lakefill, according to McAleer and Evanston Police Cmdr. Jay Parrott. In response to the complaints, officials lowered the music levels by about half by the end of the day, Parrott said. 

University President Morton Schapiro apologized Monday for the noise generated by the festival.

(Northwestern president apologizes for Dillo Day noise)

No arrests related to the Dillo Day festivities were made for the first time in at least two years. The number of citations this year dropped slightly compared to figures from the past two years.

Overall, police activity was “steady” throughout Saturday and on par with recent Dillo Days, McAleer said. UP was still processing about a dozen reports Tuesday morning.

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