Mayfest partners with WNUR to bolster Dillo Day second stage

Tyler Pager, Assistant Campus Editor

Mayfest has announced a new partnership with WNUR that will revamp the second stage at Dillo Day, now called the IndieU Stage.

The new stage, which will be located south of the Main Stage on the Lakefill, will feature four or five up-and-coming Chicago-based artists during set changes on the Main Stage. The second stage was created last year as a way to provide more entertainment, but it mostly featured student performers.

IndieU is a Chicago-based music and technological company that was founded by Communication senior Natalie Edell.

Mayfest co-chair Xander Shepherd said an additional stage was added last year to provide more opportunities for entertainment and keep students engaged on the Lakefill throughout the day.

“We thought it would be a really nice addition to what we provide to the student body,” the Weinberg senior said. “I think that we recognized more programming on the lake was a better thing than a worse thing.”

WNUR general manager Soren Nelson said the radio station’s ties with the Chicago music scene will allow it to bring a diverse group of artists.

“We don’t have the experience or infrastructure to put on a show that size, but we do have some funding and also knowledge of the Chicago scene and relationships with artists,” the Weinberg senior said. “So we all kind of agreed it was a great opportunity.”

WNUR’s Streetbeat music director Nick Harwood said the partnership will benefit both Mayfest and WNUR.

“The idea is to use Mayfest’s and Dillo Day’s enormous platform — the only moment when the entire student body will come together in celebration of music — and sort of use that platform to spread our message and give some shine and exposure to artists who students may not be as familiar with,” the Communication senior said.

Thus far, Chance The Rapper is the only artist Mayfest has announced for its Main Stage lineup. Dillo Day will be held on May 31.

(Chance the Rapper to perform as daytime headliner)

Mayfest’s promotions co-chair Bri Hightower said the new partnership will diversify Dillo Day’s music offerings.  

“We love to continuously entertain people and just constantly provide them with fun things to do, and partnering with WNUR for this stage is a great opportunity to give them very high quality entertainment,” the Communication senior said.

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