Best Dessert: Andy’s Frozen Custard

Rohan Nadkarni, Reporter

719 Church St., 847-864-8009,

Selecting Andy’s as Evanston’s “Best Dessert” is selling the frozen custard shop short. Andy’s is more than just custard in your mouth, Andy’s is Evanston’s best dessert experience. The diner-feel, old school style and friendly staff gives Andy’s the atmosphere of a true small-town hangout. With all the razzle-dazzle of Chicago to the south, and expensive lake-shore homes just to our north, Andy’s is a piece of middle America where everyone is equal. Even us liberal elitists need a break sometimes.

 The menu at Andy’s, of course, delivers. Floats, shakes and freezes give you endless ways to drink your custard let alone eat it. Jackhammers, sundaes and concretes allow you to unleash your inner human. Not child — human. Because Andy’s appeals to every single person on this planet. That explains why every one there is always so happy. Whether it’s the nervous couple finishing their first date or a mock trial group celebrating its last night of the quarter, it’s impossible to avoid smiles at Andy’s. One day, 25 years from now, when the Best of Evanston morphs into a Hunger Games-type contest amongst niche burger restaurants, we’ll still have Andy’s, for ourselves, our parents and our kids, to enjoy a simple Evanston afternoon

— Rohan Nadkarni