Sandwich created by Northwestern students debuts at Rollin’ To Go

Violet Decker, Reporter

McCormick sophomores Daniel Wedig and Spencer Gellman could be the newest chefs at Rollin’ To Go, a sandwich shop on Noyes Street.

Loyal Rollin’ customers, Wedig and Gellman took advantage of a promotion that allowed customers to create their own sandwich after visiting the shop 12 times.

The sandwich — which Gellman said his friend described as “heaven on flatbread” — has been officially named “The Penthouse” and includes marinated chicken, bacon, avocado, Muenster cheese, chipotle mayonnaise and homemade chips on toasted flatbread.

“We had had a bunch of different sandwiches at Rollin’ and we wanted to combine the best elements of all of them,” Gellman said. “Everyone who’s tried it said it’s been one of the best sandwiches they’ve ever had, and they’d definitely buy it again.”

The two friends said they often scout out local food sensations in Chicago.

Timothy Camastro, the owner of Rollin’ To Go, 910 Noyes St., said the sandwich has been successful so far. Gellman said to promote their sandwich, they asked their friends to go to the shop and order it.

“We just put it on as our special this week, and it’s actually done really well. Sales started coming in Saturday, and today an order for 12 was put in,” Camastro said.

If the sandwich sells enough in the coming weeks, it will be put on the main menu at Rollin’, Camastro said. Gellman and Wedig said they will not be getting a share of the profits that their sandwich makes.

“We’ve been telling our friends about it, and we just arranged a Willard (Residential College) munchies that will feature the sandwich,” says Wedig.

The sandwich shop’s history goes back to 1929, when Camastro’s great grandfather opened a hardware store at the corner of Foster Street and Maple Street. Decades later, the business turned into a sandwich shop on Noyes Street. Rollin’ To Go gets its name from the catering arm of the catering company Rollin’ In Dough, Inc. Catering of Evanston.

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