Northwestern senior to compete on upcoming ‘Survivor’ season


Source: CBS

SESP senior Alexis Maxwell will compete on the 28th season of the CBS reality show “Survivor,” scheduled to premiere Feb. 26. Maxwell was assigned to the “Beauty” tribe, which is pitted against “Brains” and “Brawn.”

Rebecca Savransky, Assistant Campus Editor

SESP senior Alexis Maxwell will appear on the upcoming season of the CBS reality show “Survivor,” premiering Feb. 26.

On the 28th season of the show, Maxwell, an Addison, Ill., native, worked together and competed against her castmates to survive in Cagayan, a province in the Philippines, without any amenities while participating in a series of challenges. The season, which has already been taped, sees the castaways separated into three tribes called “Brains,” Beauty” and “Brawn.”

Maxwell is a member of the Beauty tribe, though in her official show biography she said beauty is not her most prized quality.

“I would consider myself a brain!” she wrote. “I work my butt off at Northwestern and consider this an accomplishment that defines me.”

In a video posted on the CBS website, Maxwell said she has always been an adventurous person and looks forward to challenging herself on the show. She expects her background in psychology and knowledge of group dynamics to help her during the competition, she said.

“I have always been aware of my role in a group and know how to lead in a sneaky way,” Maxwell wrote. “I will use my education and flirty personality to assure I’m always in a good position.”

On Twitter this afternoon, Maxwell confirmed her appearance on the show, tweeting a link to her “Survivor” bio and telling her followers the show’s taping is why she had been “M.I.A.” for a period of time.

Two Chicago residents join Maxwell on the show. Spencer Bledsoe, a 21-year-old student from the University of Chicago, and J’Tia Taylor, a 31-year-old nuclear engineer, were both assigned to the Brains tribe.

— Rebecca Savransky