Christmas playlist

Aditi Bhandari, Blogger

We’ve finally reached Christmas season—it’s time to listen to one of the best playlists of the year. But that doesn’t mean we have to be subjected to the terrible a capella versions of the same rehashed songs in every single commercial outlet. Instead, I present you all with a Christmas playlist that has something for everyone, no matter what kind of music you prefer.

  1. “All I Want For Christmas Is You” – My Chemical Romance
    While this has been panned as one of the worst holiday covers ever created in the history of holiday covers, I must profess that it’s one of my favorite songs at this time of year. This blend of a Christmas classic and punk rock is definitely my kind of celebration.
  2. “Last Christmas” – Wham!
    I know I said I was tired of all the overused Christmas songs that appear on all the airwaves, but I’m sure we can all admit that this is one of those evergreen songs that’ll always stay relevant (even with its synthesizer beats and cheesy video… and George Michael’s mullet).
  3. “Party Hard” – Zach Gill
    “Party Hard” is more on the softer, folksy side of Christmas, the kind that could easily be sung with only a ukulele and a pair of reindeer antlers. Perfect for the post-Christmas day hangover caused by too much eggnog.
  4. “The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late)” – Alvin and The Chipmunks
    Though this song is fairly annoying with all the high-pitched chipmunk voices, the actual song in itself isn’t that bad! I mean, who wouldn’t want a hula hoop for Christmas?
  5. “I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas” – Gayla Peevey
    The thing that most people don’t realize when they listen to this song is that this wasn’t some sort of parody that some wisecracks came up with. This was a novelty song written in the 1950s and sung by a 10-year-old, and that resulted in her local city zoo acquiring (you guessed it) a brand new hippo.
  6. “Dominick The Donkey” – Lou Monte
    Yet another novelty Christmas song, “Dominick The Donkey” made his debut in the early 1960s before the 2011 BBC Radio 1 revival that reintroduced him to our generation. Mimicking the donkey brays is absolutely mandatory when listening to this song.
  7. “Snow (Hey Oh)” – Red Hot Chili Peppers
    It doesn’t matter if this song doesn’t really have anything to do with Christmas—it belongs in this playlist because it has the word “snow” in it. Therefore, it’s relevant. Unless you live in Australia. Or anywhere in the Southern hemisphere or near the equator.
  8. “The Christmas Waltz” – Frank Sinatra
    Frank Sinatra is the perfect singer to listen to when you’re sitting by the fire on a cold winter night, waiting for Santa to come down the chimney so you can ambush him and steal all the presents. After all, isn’t that the true spirit of Christmas?
  9. “Winter Pockets” – Wild Child
    Texas-based folk band Wild Child experiments with major and minor chords in this soft, sweet and tragically short song. It runs just a little over a minute with only one actual reference to winter, but if you like this song I highly encourage you to check out the rest of Wild Child’s discography. You will not be disappointed.
  10. “Frosty The Snowman” – Zee Avi
    Everyone has heard the song “Frosty the Snowman” before. But in a minor key? That’s exactly what Malaysian folk artist Zee Avi does, making you realize how depressing his story really is.
  11. “¿Dónde Está Santa Claus?” – Guster
    Finally, a Christmas song with Spanglish lyrics! While I’m not sure whether the singers actually speak Spanish, they manage to work in a few basic cultural references that do make the song sound more interesting.
  12. “The Fairy On The Christmas Tree” – The Three Sisters
    This is another one of those deceptive Christmas songs that sound happy on the surface, but if you listen closely to the lyrics they tell a story that’s rather depressing. In any case, the tune is catchy enough to stay in your head for a couple of days, just long enough for you to really appreciate her role.
  13. “Have a Punky Christmas Everybody!” – The Mangkuks
    Definitely one of the most upbeat songs on this playlist, this little-known song really does urge everyone to have a “punky” Christmas. The result of their efforts is a combination of a simple chord progression and generic lyrics that could probably be applied to any celebration anywhere, but you know what? It’s Christmastime, therefore everyone just ends up accepting the song for what it is. Have a punky Christmas, everybody!

— Aditi Bhandari