Blotter: Nov. 20

Patrick Svitek, City Editor

Northwestern student’s cell phone taken at Sargent Hall

A Northwestern student’s cell phone was stolen Monday afternoon at Sargent Hall, according to police.

At about 4:10 p.m., the student arrived at the Sargent dining hall with several friends and sat down at a table for dinner, said Daniel McAleer, University Police deputy chief. The student put down her iPhone 5, went to get a salad and noticed the cell phone was gone when she returned.

McAleer said the student had tracking software installed on the cell phone, but it was not turned on at the time of the theft. The student told police she plans to report the cell phone as stolen to Apple.

The cell phone is valued at about $600, McAleer said.

Northwestern student’s bike stolen near Kresge Hall

A Northwestern student’s bike was taken Monday morning near Kresge Hall, according to police.

The student parked her Biria bike at about 10:55 a.m., McAleer said. She secured the bike with a U-lock but left her key in the device because she was in a hurry.

When the student returned to where she had parked her bike, it was gone, McAleer said.

The bike, which was registered with UP, is valued at about $600, he said.

— Patrick Svitek