IM Sports Blog: Sigma Nu defeats short-handed AEPi

David Lee, Reporter

Sigma Nu’s volleyball team (3-0) showcased its championship potential as the team defeated AEPi (1-2) 30-12 on Wednesday. Built around the destructive strikes of attacker Wesley Crim, Sigma Nu was consistently able to produce big plays.

For many intramural teams, the basic volleyball triage of bump, set, spike can be difficult. Sigma Nu has it down to a science. It was able to dig the vast majority of AEPi’s attacks and usually relied on Crim, who played varsity volleyball in high school, to finish the play.

After handily losing the first set 15-2, AEPi flashed new life. They won several points due to their strong serving and feisty defensive play, and they led 9-6 to begin the second set. Sigma NU seemed to be struggling to handle the ball.

Then, Crim rotated back into the front row off a missed serve, and everything just seemed to fall back into place for Sigma Nu. The team held AEPi to one point, as they took the second set and the match 15-10. Crim credits the victory to Sigma Nu’s close-knit community.

“As games go on we just kind of know where everybody is going to be on the court,” he said. “I think it was just communication and knowing each other very well.”

AEPi captain Jordan Freedman said he still believes in his team. One of the biggest challenges for AEPi has been the inconsistency in attendance of their players. However, he is looking forward to the playoffs because he knows his team can be as strong as any.

“I totally think that if we get six strong guys who know how to play with each other, I think we have a chance at that championship,” he said. “I would not be afraid at all to play Sigma Nu again. I think we could take them down any day.”

Meanwhile, Sigma Nu captain Craig Herdle does not seem worried. He does not schedule practices for the team, but the team has been succeeding regardless.

“We just go off raw talent alone,” said Herdle, smiling.

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