A&O, Mayfest leaders endorse David and Jo

Logan Koepke, Jeremy Shpizner, and Wil Heintz

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Part of what makes Northwestern incredibly special is the thriving student group community — without a doubt, you’d be hard-pressed to find a student not involved in at least one (if not two or three) student organizations on campus. With respect to student groups, what ASG does not do is just as important as what ASG does do. David and Jo understand that ASG can be a great resource in terms of advocating for student groups, facilitating a centralized event calendar, connecting student groups leaders and their best practices, and working with the administration on an increase in the student activities fee to better fund all student groups. What they also understand is that while ASG should have some oversight, those students who pour countless hours of hard work and dedication into their organizations better understand how to effectively and efficiently allocate their organization’s resources than ASG does. Further, by better connecting students with all of the resources Northwestern can already offer, David and Jo will work tirelessly to bridge the gap between students not involved in organizations to the Northwestern community at large. Their emphasis is on students, and that is exactly what ASG is meant to be: an advocate for the voices of the student body.

Logan Koepke, chairman of A&O Productions
Jeremy Shpizner, co-chair of Mayfest
Wil Heintz, co-chair of Mayfest