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Photo essay: Best of Dance Marathon 2013

Photos by Joseph Diebold, Paulina Firozi, Kaitlyn Jakola, Rafi Letzter, Melody Song, Sheng Wu, Skylar Zhang

1. The men’s basketball team does the Harlem Shake with the dancers

Basketball team

“It was a fun way for them to interact with us. It’s something fun in today’s culture.” — Weinberg junior Alison Murray

2. University President Morton Schapiro says “screw it” to studying for finals instead of participating in DM

Morton Schapiro

“He’s a great guy. He’s a chiller.” — Communication freshman Vivian Prieto

3. Dancers learn that Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn named March 8-10, 2013 “Northwestern University Dance Marathon Weekend” in Illinois

Tom Stanton

“I was excited to see NU recognized at the state level. This shows the power of student work.” — Communication sophomore Lucy Ahlborn

4. The dancers celebrate the sunrise on Saturday morning

Sunrise dance

“I was a little disappointed that we couldn’t go outside because of the rain, but I thought they did the best they could. And the balloons were really cool.” —Weinberg freshman Jake Chatzky

5. Danny Did Foundation heroes Belicia Espinal and Carrie McAteer share their stories

Carrie McAteer

“It was so awesome because when we registered and while we raised money, there wasn’t as much emphasis on the charity — it was more about how much fun DM is. It was humbling and inspiring to hear about the effect Danny Did can have on people.” — Weinberg freshman Emily Fung

6. Dancers reach the halfway mark, sing Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer”

Halfway there

“That song is just an inspiration to get you through the next couple blocks. It gives you another level of energy you didn’t know you had.” — Weinberg senior Andrew Yoon

7. The football team performs the “Jump On It” dance onstage

Will Hampton

“They’re a really beloved athletic team around here. It’s really nice they made an appearance and it’s really funny the way they did it.” — Weinberg senior Ben Miner

8. Battle of the Bands winner Nebula performs a ’90s-inspired set


“Last year they only played original songs and it sort of killed the mood. So I’m glad they’re playing some covers this year.” — Weinberg junior Andrew Cook

9. Tommy Stanton and other hero family children dance onstage

Tommy Stanton

“It was very motivational. To see the kids enjoying an event that’s meant for them — it makes it really meaningful … and Tommy — he has a lot of rhythm.” — Weinberg freshman Lya Ferreyra

10. Charlie Duffy, friend of Danny Stanton, recites a motivational poem for dancers

Charlie Duffy

“It was precious. It was everything we could hope for from a beneficiary — something inspiring to keep us going.” — Communication senior Shannon Desmond, productions committee member

11. Eight-year-old Nick Curley shares how he raised nearly $40,000 for the Danny Did Foundation

Nick Curley

“Nick’s speech was so inspirational. It was incredible that he was willing to skate 100 miles and raise that much for kids with epilepsy.” — Bienen freshman Caitlin Finnie

12. The winners of the individual and group fundraising awards are announced

Individual award winners

“The most exciting thing about this award is that this is something the house values. We’re not only proud, but we’re passionate about philanthropy, which is one of our three pillars. We couldn’t do it without DG.” — Communication sophomore Josh Schwartz, Zeta Beta Tau member

13. 120 Hour Club members are honored

120-hour club

“It’s exciting and unbelievable to have danced for … 120 hours. We’re graduating soon, and this is almost the end.” — Weinberg senior Maria Zdunek, 120 Hour Club member

14. DM 2013 raises a total of $1,214,632, with $741,394.10 going to the Danny Did Foundation and $82,377.12 to the Evanston Community Foundation

Final reveal

“The reveal at the end was incredible. That was really, really mind-blowing.” — Weinberg junior Chloe Woodhouse, DM emcee.

15. DM 2013 closes with final song, “I’ve Had the Time of My Life”

Final song

“I have no words.” — Katie Amys, Weinberg senior, DM executive co-chair

“We were in disbelief the entire weekend. We just didn’t believe it was happening.” — Matt Larsen, Weinberg senior, DM executive co-chair

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Photo essay: Best of Dance Marathon 2013