Firing Squad: Fix indoor WiFi before putting it outside

Rohan Nadkarni, Assistant Sports Editor

On Friday, The Daily ran a story about Northwestern finishing WiFi installation on the Lakefill. My immediate reaction: When will they finish installation of WiFi at Allison?

Honestly, the wireless internet at Allison is less reliable than a North Korean news outlet.

Help me to understand the reason one of the biggest dining halls on campus can’t have a reasonably consistent WiFi connection. Do we not have enough money? Is the school saving up to renovate Allison again?

I know what you’re thinking: look at the liberal elitist private school snob complaining about WiFi. But just you try to impress visitors with your laptop hooked up to an Ethernet cable as you lay on your futon.

For the love of God, JetBlue Airlines can barely afford to give me a legitimate bag of peanuts, but they still give me free WiFi. Luckily, Northwestern only costs 50 grand a year.

I may as well live in NMQ.