NU Nights brings back late evening events


Rafi Letzter/The Daily Northwestern

NU Nights hosts late-night programming at Northwestern with the goal of providing a greater sense of community on campus

Amy Whyte, Reporter

NU Nights introduced last spring a new late-night venue for Northwestern students looking for a new way to spend their Friday evenings. NU Nights organizers say they’re gearing up for another big quarter.

Following Friday’s Game Show, NU Nights will host events every other Friday through Fall quarter, including ’90s-themed bingo and a carnival.

“We’re bringing back a couple of things that were really successful
 Spring Quarter, like ’90s Bingo and a few more things that people said they
 wanted to see at Northwestern,” NU Nights president Andrew Christy said.

The program saw a lot of buzz in the spring, attracting up to 400 students at various events. Weinberg sophomore Sarah Steinmeier attended the inaugural ’20s-themed event.

“I learned how to dance the Charleston, took some photos and filled an otherwise empty evening,” Steinmeier said.

Now that the executive board has had a chance to settle in, Christy hopes
NU Nights will have an even bigger presence on campus this year.

The first event, Game Show, was part of Norris at Night, an event held on the Friday of Wildcat Welcome for the incoming freshmen and transfer students. Group members distributed free glow-in-the-dark NU Nights T-shirts outside McCormick Auditorium, where incoming students attended live trivia shows every hour.

Contestants won various NU-themed prizes, while audience members
were able to enter a raffle to win an iPad.

Weinberg freshman Kale Abrahamson said he had a good time participating despite admitting he didn’t correctly answer a single trivia question.

“I would definitely go to more events like this,” he said.

The next NU Nights event, “The Lakefill After Dark,” is planned for Oct. 5.

“It’s free food, free entertainment and free fun that’s open to everyone,
so why not check it out?” Christy asked.