Five words for Angelina Jolie’s right leg

Allison Lasher

Angelina Jolie gave new meaning to the phrase “If you got it, flaunt it” at Sunday’s Oscars. The star fiercely jutted her right leg out of her high-slitted dress and struck a memorable pose while walking the red carpet and presenting on stage. Her leg inspired responses ranging from a variety of jokes to fake Twitter accounts in her leg’s honor. The Current and Daily staffers respond:


-Annie Chang

“Weirder than kissing her brother…”

-Michele Corriston

“Get the lady a garter!”

-Britta Hanson

“I am okay with this.”

-Tanner Maxwell

“Skeletor finally sees the light.”

-Christian Wilson

“Bosom buddies with JLo’s nip?”

-Shelly Tan

“…And shake it all about!”

-Katy Vogt

“Get it girl. Get it.”

-Elise De Los Santos

“Too much leg for comfort.”

-Elyse Roth

“You have how many followers?”

Chelsea Peng