Cook County property tax website to go live in April

Kimberly Railey

A website will soon enable Cook County property owners to view government information on their homes and businesses all in one place.

Slated to launch April 1, will allow users to access five years’ worth of information, ranging from tax refunds and deliquencies to records of property ownership. The online portal will also display tax appeals and exemptions.

“We are making one of the most crucial areas of county government – information about people’s homes and property – more sensitive to their needs, more convenient for their use, more efficient and more transparent for all of our residents,” said Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, according to a Cook County news release issued Feb. 16.

Currently, property owners wishing to see the tax history of a home, business or plot of land must collect information from up to six websites of different county offices, according to the news release.

The new site will include information from the Cook County assessor’s office, clerk’s office, treasurer’s office, recorder of deeds and Board of Review.

“Any recorded document or transaction from every one of the 1.8 million parcels of homes, businesses and land in the nation’s second-largest county will find its way to the portal,” said Cook County treasurer Maria Pappas, according to the news release.

The treasurer’s office led the design and content of the website, collaborating with other offices to reach a 90-day goal of finishing the first stage of the site by April 1, according to the news release. The portal was funded by the office’s budget and came at no additional cost to Cook County taxpayers.

Kimberly Railey