That’s My Jam with Alexandra Pollack

Hayley Stevens

Making hits left and right, Northwestern Women’s fencing has been collecting some wins this season. Taking a break from around the clock practices and tournaments, Weinberg junior and epeeist Alexandra Pollack chatted with The Current about her love for “The Big Bang Theory” nerds and dedication to keeping up with current events.


The Current: What TV shows have you been trying to keep up with even when you’re away competing?

Alexandra Pollack: “House.” “How I met Your Mother” [is] my all-time favorite show, it’s just so cute. “The Big Bang Theory” [which] I love, it’s so nerdy and so funny, everything is just so good on it. “Family Guy,” “Gossip Girl.”

The Current: What movies have you seen recently?

AP: I never see movies ever! I watch all my TV shows religiously, but I rarely see movies. But I did see Forrest Gump the other day. It was my first time seeing it, and it was cute so I’m really glad I did.

The Current: Do you read any newspapers?

AP: I read the The New York Times every day, I read the front page every day, plus the world and the U.S. section. I really like to know what is going on, and since one of my majors is econ, it’s important to keep up and see how everything influences the market. I want to know what is always going on so I can converse about it– it genuinely interests me. I also read The Wall Street Journal.

The Current: What’s on your iPod lately?

AP: Definitely a lot of Blink 182, Maroon 5, Good Charlotte, Franz Ferdinand and so much Third Eye Blind! Some Katy Perry and T-Swift. I have my five-hour gym play list. I never get through it, but I always hope that “Moves Like Jagger” will come on. I really enjoy anything current.

Hayley Stevens