Organic Chemistry 4/27: Two NU students discuss their blind date

The Daily Northwestern

Nick Ghizas, RTVF junior: I met Maeve at Kafein and we enjoyed some excellent lattes. She was a fun girl; I think we both had a good time.

Maeve Wall, Weinberg sophomore: Nick was a little more outgoing than I’m used to – it’s not that often that I meet someone who is as talkative as me.

Nick: I didn’t realize how quickly an hour went by so that’s probably a sign that the date went well.

Maeve: We had a lot in common. We talked about a lot of fun topics and more than just the “Where are you from, what’s your major” stuff.

Nick: Our conversation was great! We didn’t talk about NU the whole time even though it easily could have turned into that. Anytime you can talk about ghosts, crazy relatives, Justin Bieber and annoying Michigan fans, I’d say the conversation is going well.

Maeve: Nick is into film, screenwriting and is involved with Studio 22. He also interned for the Chicago Sun-Times last fall.

Nick: Maeve is thinking about becoming an English major and she wants to study abroad in France next winter.

Maeve: We are both from Ohio, which is cool because Ohio’s awesome and I think that being an English major, I could relate to his interest in film. One difference was that I’m not sure how much our sense of humors match.

Nick: Maeve was a cool girl; I wouldn’t mind seeing her again. The blind date scenario was something I had never done but I’m glad I did it.

Maeve: I love meeting new people so I was just looking at the date as a fun experience that could lead to either a new friend or a hilarious/awkward story to tell other people. It was more the former than the latter!

Nick: Now I can say I’ve been on a blind date and it went well.

Maeve: I had a lot of fun and I wouldn’t mind getting to know him a little better.

Organic Chemistry is a feature organized by Sydney Bucksbaum. If you are interested in being set up on a blind date, email her at [email protected]