Organic Chemistry 4/20: Two NU students discuss their blind date

The Daily Northwestern

Eli Cadoff, SESP junior: I think our date went pretty well. We were chatting the whole time, and of course there were a few awkward silences. Since all we knew about each other was a name and a little Facebook stalking, this was to be expected.

Frances Loucks, McCormick sophomore: We talked about sports and the East Coast but mostly focused on what we did at Northwestern. We didn’t have that much in common so it was hard to get past general things like the Girl Talk concert.

Eli: I could talk to Frances easily, but it all reminded me of mediocre rush. We both wanted the conversation to go well, but I wasn’t laughing in the way I would want my first date to.

Frances: I think my date was as nervous as was I, but I think we made the best of it. Maybe the awkwardness kept our personalities from coming through, or at least that is what happened to me.

Eli: Frances is an industrial engineer. She is involved with Zeta. She is from Baltimore and a big Ravens/Orioles fan. We were both into sports, but didn’t talk about that too much. We ran in different circles but were aware of the other’s circle. For example, as a pre-med I’ve taken a bunch of classes with engineers.

Frances: Eli is from New Jersey, and he seemed to be pretty into Sigma Chi. He is pre-med, SESP, with an English minor so he’s across the board of interests. He is a Yankees fan – which also might have been why we didn’t fall in love … just kidding!

Eli: My feeling was that both of us had a good time, but that it wasn’t too special. Also, I tried to pay, but she didn’t let me. I would be interested in a second date, but I know that it won’t happen.

Frances: Pretty average for a blind date – it was more like a question and answer, but it was a good experience meeting someone that I may not have otherwise met.

Eli: I did enjoy this blind date. It was a fun thing to do, and I enjoyed the nervous feeling I had when I was getting dressed.

Frances: I wasn’t expecting anything out of it so no matter how it went I think I would have been happy to just get this experience. Also, now I get to be in The Daily!

Organic Chemistry is a feature organized by Sydney Bucksbaum. If you are interested in being set up on a blind date, email her at [email protected]