Busy weekend for ASG campaigns

Katie Glueck

Hosting Easter egg hunts, filming videos and storming the dorms kept Associated Student Government presidential candidates busy over the weekend. Here’s a look at what each campaign was up to:


An Easter egg hunt Sunday afternoon at the Rock drew five Northwestern students and three hungry Evanston children. Within ten minutes, Raymond Li, 7, Brian Li, 4, and Kerri Tei, 2, discovered all 50 eggs hidden by the Adams campaign.

“Those kids can’t vote for me, but it’s really about the community,” said Luke Adams, an ASG presidential candidate. “If they can come have fun, that’s indicative of what I can do for ASG.”

Adams, who said he had no initial expectations for turnout, said he wasn’t disappointed by the small showing of NU students.

“The idea of having an Easter egg hunt is revolutionary enough,” the Weinberg junior said. “It’s the first time this has been done, which is pretty cool in and of itself.”

The eggs, filled with SweeTarts, Laffy Taffy and Runts, were hidden in the courtyard surrounding the Rock.

“It’s an innovative idea,” said Taylor Burgart, a Weinberg freshman and Adams supporter. “I did egg hunts back when I was a kid. I’m happy to come out and support, and it’s fun.”


For ASG presidential and vice presidential candidates Mike McGee and Tommy Smithburg, the weekend meant long days of lots of talking. The pair prepped for debates and interviews and engaged in “dorm-storming,” going door-to-door asking students about what they hope to see improved. McGee said students emphasized problems with the shuttle system and with wireless Internet.

“My mouth’s going to fall off soon,” the Communication junior said. “The days have been long, but it’s been energizing.”

Smithburg, a Weinberg junior who visited his sister for Easter but is now back on campus, said the two will continue to be busy with meetings, debates and interviews with campus groups.

“It all comes down to calling people, shaking hands and making phone calls,” he said. “We wake up every day at 6 a.m. and start talking and go to sleep at 3 a.m. But we’re doing it.”


Bill Pulte and Pat Dawson, ASG presidential and vice presidential candidates, spent their weekend attending meetings, chalking sidewalks and filming their latest endorsement video.

Ryan Erickson and James D’Angelo, former presidents of College Democrats and College Republicans, respectively, endorsed the Pulte/Dawson campaign in a YouTube video that went live Sunday, Pulte said.

“It was a neat opportunity for bipartisan politics,” D’Angelo, a Communication senior, said. “I wasn’t surprised that (Erickson) and I could get together on this issue because Bill and Pat anyone can get behind and support.”

Dawson, a Weinberg junior, said he hoped the bipartisan endorsements would show voters that the campaign was dedicated to bringing people together.

“It says a lot about our campaign,” he said. “We’re not trying to pit one side against another. And regardless of how one feels about outside issues, what matters is that people on campus who know who we are believe we’ll take ASG in the direction it needs to go.”

Pulte, a Medill junior, said he thought the campaign’s efforts this weekend were productive.

“I’m feeling really happy with where we’re at,” he said. “Hopefully we’ll be able to go out strong.”

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