Jock the Vote

When it comes to the serious issue of voting, it matters whose political opinions you consider. Here at Daily Sports, we didn’t turn to our friends, professors or CNN for advice. We went to, in our opinion, a more important source: Northwestern’s coaches and athletes. And they’re as outspoken about politics as they are about their sports. The Wildcats came clean about who they voted for and what issues matter most. Take a peek inside their minds and see if you agree with who won their vote ? just don’t bring up the topic with NU?s defensive line unless you’re up for a lengthy debate.


Football, quarterback: “I’m registered in Evanston. I filled out an absentee ballot in Evanston. I didn’t want to wait in line (Tuesday), so I filled it out. (I voted for) G-Dub! G-Dub, baby! I just liked what he stood for. I personally don’t like some of the things Jim Kerry, or John Kerry, or Bill Kerry or Fred Kerry, or you know, for me, I watched some of those debates. He would say one thing and go back and change it, and then use that as one of his big speaking points in the debate. If you’re going to go ahead and change your vote from one side to the other, I wouldn’t be telling people about it. I’m not a politician, I don’t know what the hell is going on, but just from what I’ve seen, that’s the way I feel. (Linebacker) John Pickens is a Democrat, but he doesn’t know what’s going on, he just likes the word Democrat.”


Women’s soccer coach: “I’m voting for John Kerry, I think this is a big one. The election has just been so close along the way, I don’t think pre-polls have been very accurate. I don’t know who they ask, but I think they ask people who are home during the day, which isn’t really accurate. I think people (at my alma mater of Madison) are probably going crazy. Wisconsin is the opposite of apathy, which is a good thing.”

Randy Walker Won’t say

Football coach: “I’ve voted in every one since ’72. I have very strong feelings, I’m not undecided. I haven’t enjoyed this campaign at all. It has been very negative.”


Volleyball, setter: “I’m an environmental science major, so that should probably say it right there. (Our team is) divided. We’re probably pretty representative of the country.”


Football, wide receiver:

“(Kerry) supports things that will benefit me in the future. In certain areas I think (Bush has) done all right. I question some things, especially the war. I also question the job market. We need a change.”


Men’s basketball coach: “Let’s just put it this way: My last name is Carmody, my mother’s maiden name is O’Neill, I’m one of eleven kids. Figure it out.”


Football, center: “The biggest issue is the war. I’m all about it. I think Iraq was definitely a threat, whether some people like to admit it or not.”


Men’s basketball, guard: He would have voted for Kerry but never received his California absentee ballot: “Kerry will win anyway. He always wins California, so he won’t need my vote.”