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Letter to the Editor: Response to column on climate change, national security

Sherwin Cho
January 27
Filed under Letters to Editor, Opinion

I read Ms. Dion-Kirschner’s op-ed on climate change and national security with interest. I agree that climate change is a risk and can be a destabilizing force. Opposing carbon emissions, however, may have some very serious unintended consequences in the near-term for our national security and the e...

Bannister: Donald Trump uses Chicago as a symbol of lawlessness, but proposes no effective policies

Edmund Bannister, Columnist
January 27
Filed under Columns, Opinion

On Tuesday, Donald Trump tweeted, in his typically aggressive yet vague style, about Chicago’s alarming homicide rate — and threatened to send in “the Feds” in order to stop the violence. Trump vowed that, “If Chicago doesn't fix the horrible ‘carnage’ going on, 228 shootings in 2017 wi...

Soto: Trump’s wall will only worsen conditions on both sides

Isabella Soto, Assistant Opinion Editor
January 26
Filed under Columns, Opinion

I’m originally from a town called McAllen, Texas. My home is 9.1 miles from the international bridge that straddles the Mexican city of Reynosa and Hidalgo, Texas. While I’m now more than 1,400 miles away at Northwestern, my home felt painfully close when I read about President Trump’s executive o...

Collins: The power for change is in your purse

Jessica Collins, Op-Ed Contributor
January 25
Filed under Opinion

President Donald Trump is a successful businessman. Or rather, he has managed to persuade the electorate that his business acumen uniquely qualifies him for the American presidency. If this is the case, and America has come to equate wealth with success, how do make our voices heard in capitalist politics? Protesting...

Sullivan: Pedestrians, cyclists and drivers must work together to ensure safety

Noelle Sullivan, Op-Ed Contributor, Assistant Professor of Instruction in Global Health Studies and Anthropology
January 24
Filed under Contributors, Opinion

I’m a year-long bike commuter with a 3.5-mile commute. According to a new Illinois state law that took effect Jan. 1, my bike has the same right-of-way as other vehicles so, legally, cars must change lanes to pass me. The law offers cyclists more protection, but most drivers don’t know about it. However,...

Kaplan: Panhellenic recruitment needs a revamp

Marisa Kaplan, Columnist
January 23
Filed under Columns, Latest Stories, Opinion

A flock of nearly 500 women filed down Sheridan Road to start Winter Quarter with Panhellenic Recruitment, bundled in parkas, thick scarves and snow boots. Each student waited outside one of the 12 PHA sorority houses, shivering and cursing the Chicago winter, until they were allowed inside and assigned...

Schwartz: A warm Chicago winter may bring us joy, but at what cost?

Alex Schwartz, Columnist
January 23
Filed under Columns, Opinion

With mostly sunny skies, a light breeze and a record high of 60 degrees Fahrenheit, last Saturday was one of those days where you feel like you’re missing out if you don’t go outside. I went for a stroll along the lakefill in my flip-flops, took a few photos of my friends and stared out at Lake Michigan....

Dion-Kirschner: Climate change is a national security threat

Hannah Dion-Kirschner, Columnist
January 23
Filed under Columns, Latest Stories, Opinion

President Donald Trump’s inauguration is alarming for anyone who sees climate change for what it is: a grave risk to the only known livable planet for humans. Our planet is both astonishing and precious. To the environmentally concerned, the Earth’s exploitation through policy decisions that prioritize...

Johnson: My experience at the Women’s March on Washington

Hannah Johnson, Op-Ed Contributor
January 22
Filed under Contributors, Opinion

When I first saw the Women's March on Washington event advertised on Facebook, I RSVP'd "going" without thinking twice. Even though I didn't know how I would get there or where I would stay, I knew that somehow, I would get to D.C. When I clicked "going" to the event, I was sitting alone in my apartment...

Phillips: After Women’s March, white feminists must recommit to intersectionality

Ruby Phillips, Columnist
January 22
Filed under Columns, Opinion

Millions of people united and marched all over the world to stand in solidarity against the inauguration of President Donald Trump on Saturday. I, too, proudly participated in the women’s march in Chicago with an estimated 250,000 other people. Several participants in the women’s march have held...

The Spectrum: My reality of surviving sexual assault (Not just surviving)

Jonathan Hoffman, Op-Ed Contributor
January 20
Filed under Opinion, The Spectrum

This essay is part of The Spectrum, a weekly forum in our Opinion section for marginalized voices to share their perspectives. To submit a piece for The Spectrum or discuss story ideas, please email [email protected] When I was 17, I was raped by a boy in my biology class. It was my firs...