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A picture of Ramy Youssef, who is wearing a dark blue hoodie and navy beanie while holding pieces of paper and red cloth. In the background is an open door with yellow light streaming in.

A&O and McSA to host Ramy Youssef in virtual spring speaker event

Yunkyo Kim, Campus Editor April 19, 2021

A&O Productions and Northwestern’s Muslim-cultural Students Association announced Monday they will virtually host stand-up comedian and actor Ramy Youssef on April 22.  The spring speaker event,...

A needle is shown going into an arm against a blue background. Two hands, all wearing a blue glove, are holding a syringe and a vial. A third hand touches the arm.

Vaccine hunters help students secure vaccine appointments

Natalie Wu, Reporter April 19, 2021

Weinberg freshman Nina Petrouski had been struggling to find a vaccine appointment when her friend put in touch with vaccine booker Eli Karp. Karp, a Medill junior, had found an appointment on hold...

A large crowd of protesters march down a street towards a church. Some hold signs with the words “Black Lives Matter,” “Fund people not police” and “It’s not the apples it’s the tree.”

EFBL and NUCNC honor Adam Toledo and Daunte Wright in march for police abolition

Waverly Long, Emily Sakai, and Maia Spoto April 19, 2021

Following months of separate actions and organizing, Evanston Fight for Black Lives and NU Community Not Cops joined in protest Sunday to honor the lives of Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo and advocate for...

A beige sign outside of a gray University building with the words “Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.” There are trees and shrubbery between the sign and the building.

Illinois Prison Project ambassadors discuss incarceration and re-entry at One Book event

Natalie Wu, Reporter April 19, 2021

Illinois Prison Project Education Director Renaldo Hudson and ambassadors Willie Hobson and Michael Penny criticized the carceral system and advocated for re-entry support at a Thursday panel.  Feinberg...

A black metal marker displays a purple sign with words “Northwestern University.” Below the sign is a green map of the campus. Behind the marker are dark green leaves and a lamppost.

University to increase distribution of COVID-19 vaccines to students starting next week, prioritizing those in on-campus housing

Yunkyo Kim, Campus Editor April 16, 2021

Northwestern’s vaccine clinics will start prioritizing students starting next week but do not have enough vaccine supply for every student with need, Luke Figora, vice president for operations, announced...

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