Indivisible Evanston hosts Rep. Jan Schakowsky at midterm watch party


Photo by Nicole Markus

Indivisible Evanston’s top priorities coming into the election were women’s rights and climate change.

Nicole Markus, Social Media Editor

Indivisible Evanston hosted Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Evanston) at its midterm election watch party at Prairie Moon on Tuesday.

Schakowsky, who won re-election against her opponent Republican Max Rice, has represented Illinois’ 9th District since 1999. At Tuesday’s party, she praised the efforts of organizers like Indivisible for their work in supporting Democratic candidates.

“One thing we know with elections is that grassroots activism really, really matters,” Schakowsky said. “Organizing really matters.”

Founded in 2017, Indivisible aims to organize Evanston community members to elect Democrats.

Despite their Evanston roots, Indivisible organizers also focused on campaigning for Mandela Barnes in Wisconsin, according to Indivisible co-Founder and co-Leader Laura Tanner. Tanner said the race was important because she expects Senate control in this election cycle will be decided by a narrow margin.

“We’re very cautiously optimistic that we can hold the Senate and win some of these really competitive seats that are up for reelection and flip some seats,” Tanner said.

Tanner said the organization focused on women’s rights, climate change and LGBTQ+ rights during the midterm campaign season. 

Still, no matter the results of the election, Tanner said the organization has more organizing in the works. 

“I think everyone thought, ‘Oh, we won in 2020, things are going to be better now.’ Then, Jan. 6 happened,” Tanner said. “Everything is so uncertain and unknown right now, but I think all we can do is stay committed to the work.”

Members of the Democratic Party of Evanston were also present at the event. 

Democratic Party of Evanston President Rachel Ruttenberg said that though she is “worried” about national election results, she is proud of the work the organization has done in Evanston.

“I feel really good about what we put together locally in terms of getting out the vote for Evanston and for our surrounding areas and for Illinois,” Ruttenberg said. “And I feel really good about the efforts that we made to make a difference outside of Evanston.”

Ruttenberg said she sees Evanston as a community leader in Illinois and hopes to continue this legacy going forward. 

She cited rank-choice voting, a ballot measure that passed overwhelmingly today, as an example of Evanston leading the way. 

“I hope that we can continue to be an example for communities across Illinois and really push forward some progressive issues,” Ruttenberg said. 

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