ASG Senate introduces legislation to increase website interactivity


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“ASG Senate Visibility and Communication Initiative,” the first piece of legislation of the academic year, aims to “augment the interactivity” of the ASG website.

Pavan Acharya, Assistant Campus Editor

The Associated Student Government Senate introduced legislation Wednesday to add senator biographies and headshots to its website, along with allowing constituents to schedule meetings with senators through Calendly.

The “ASG Senate Visibility and Communication Initiative” marks the first legislation of the academic year. The freshman authors of the initiative — SESP senator Adrian Ayala-Perez, Weinberg senator Melissa Kusi-Amponsah and Weinberg senator Ty’Shea Woods — are hoping to “augment the interactivity” of the ASG website, the legislation states. 

“Long, long ago when I joined Northwestern, I was looking at the ASG website looking to see who my senators were,” Ayala-Perez said. “When I went on the website, I just saw a list of names, which confused me because I wanted to see who would represent me and other students.”

Currently, the ASG website only includes headshots and contact information for Cabinet members, as well as headshots for members of Senate leadership. The names of school senators are listed on the website without accompanying headshots or biographies.

Ayala-Perez said the proposed biographies would include the senators’ schools, hometowns and initiatives they want to see enacted in ASG.

Speaker of the Senate and Weinberg junior Dylan Jost told the senators it was important to note the legislation was an “enacting” rather than a “resolution” piece. The Senate will take direct action on the policy if passed, according to Jost. 

“It’s not as common to have enacting legislation, because there’s less direct actions the ASG Senate has the power to take on,” Jost said.

Senators will vote on the initiative during next week’s Senate meeting.

During the meeting, the Senate also discussed the upcoming Fall Quarter 2022 Code Review, which Jost said will take place over the next few weeks. During Code Review, the Rules Committee makes changes to the ASG Code that are then presented to the Senate, according to Jost. The Senate can then approve, disapprove or make amendments to the changes.

Deputy Speaker of the Senate and SESP junior Leah Ryzenman said Code Review is a good opportunity for members of ASG to propose changes to the Code or processes.

“This is a great chance to look to take concrete steps forward in student government and in helping the student body,” Ryzenman said. 

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