Captured: ‘Cowboy Bob’ steals the show at Wirtz Center

Ava Mandoli, Reporter

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“Cowboy Bob” brings the Wild West to the average Chili’s server’s life. Peggy Jo, played by Communication junior Natalie Daninhirsch, takes her world by the reins in her double life as Cowboy Bob — the most wanted bank robber in Texas. The musical, loosely based on real-life events, explores themes of family obligations, feelings of stagnation and the courage to redefine life. The Virginia Wadsworth Wirtz Center for the Performing Arts will premiere the musical on Friday, July 22, with a second showing on Saturday, July 23.

Three people wearing denim sing behind music stands. The middle person wears a cowboy hat and sunglasses.

A person wearing a denim jacket and jean skirt sings on a stage.

A person wearing a denim dress and a white bandana in their hair sings while smiling.

A group of people sit in a row of chairs on a stage. One person stands in front of them and sings.

A person wearing denim overalls, a black T-shirt and a red bandana in their hair takes notes in a binder on a music stand.

Three people stand on a stage. One faces the camera, singing with their hands up. The other two face the singing individual.

A person wearing a white shirt and blue jeans sings with their hands outstretched.

A group of people sit on chairs on a stage. Two people in the middle stand and sing.

Two people stand on stage behind music stands. The one on the left touches their forehead with their left hand.

A guitarist plays in front of two music stands.

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